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Trump, Naftali, Riguardi, others give props for TRD’s 100th issue

August 31, 2011


September marks The Real Deal’s 100th magazine issue (to be posted online tomorrow). In it, we will be

bringing you some of the stories that made the biggest impact on us and on the market. In the meantime,

here is what some industry execs have to say about The Real Deal’s magazine milestone as well as about

what The Real Deal has meant to them in the publication’s eight-year existence.

“The Real Deal has become more comprehensive in its coverage of the real estate industry in New York City

and it has also become a valuable source of information. The Real Deal has done a terrific job.”

– Donald Trump, chairman and president of the Trump Organization

“When I first saw The Real Deal I thought it had a catchy title. I picked it up and saw the content was also

bright and relevant. Over the years the publication has only grown in stature. I have also participated and

attended your forums which attract talented professionals and feature meaningful discussion. For people in

the business, indeed for anyone who cares about real estate — and in New York City that tends to define

anyone with a pulse — The Real Deal has become essential. So congratulations to you all, and good fortune

for us that 100 issues later you remain smart and informative. The Real Deal is on my required reading list.”

— Miki Naftali, chairman & CEO of the Naftali Group

“What I love most about The Real Deal is the one-on-one interviews. It really gives you an opportunity to see

a different side of an industry leader, more of a personal background of these people. I always find it quite

interesting and learn a lot from it. I think The Real Deal has grown a tremendous amount. I think the reporters

today have a greater understanding of the particulars of the businesses they write on, which makes the

stories more informative and interesting, as well as accurate.”

– Peter Riguardi, president of New York operations at Jones Lang LaSalle

“Not only am I amazed by the sophistication of the content, but that everyone in the real estate industry

now sees it as the Rosetta Stone of real estate. In fact, it really [raises] the bar for those wanting to become

involved in real estate because it explains everything that is going on and who is doing what to whom and

how. I think the significance of this publication is the fact that the New York Times regularly utilizes information

that first appeared in The Real Deal. I guess, in many ways, The Real Deal has become the source of

so much information about real estate in New York.” — Stuart Saft, partner at Dewey & LeBoeuf

“The Real Deal magazine has provided its readers unique access to all levels of the real estate conversation,

which is not only a major industry here, but also a blood-thirsty spectator sport that takes no prisoners.

When I came across an early issue of the magazine, I got excited because it reminded me of some sort of

catalogue crammed with all sorts of content not available at that time. Now with their expansion to the Web,

South Florida and their annual development conferences, The Real Deal has morphed into a required information

source for real estate in New York City. Congratulations to The Real Deal on a groundbreaking [eight

years] of well-earned journalistic success achieved during the manic ebb and flow of the New York City

housing market cycle.”

— Jonathan Miller, president and CEO of Miller Samuel

“In a city where real estate is the most talked about topic of conversation, The Real Deal has become the

leader in print and online reporting of all the pertinent news about our industry. Congratulations on a great

100 issues. I look forward to the next 100.”

– Shaun Osher, founder and CEO of Core

“It is a magazine that has a unique ability to appeal to both the real estate professional as well to the real

estate savvy consumer. It has just the right balance of residential and commercial news. It delivers a cuttingedge

approach to a business that is not always that fascinating. The Real Deal has been able to stay on top

of all of the ups and downs in the market. Their immediate response to stories and trends has been one of

the most exciting parts of what they do. It has taken a real bite out of the water cooler talk at the firms. Now,

The Real Deal actually knows that something “has happened” and tells us before everyone gathers at the

cooler to talk. Congratulations… here is to another 100-plus!”

— Kathy Braddock, co-founder of Rutenberg Realty

“In just 99 issues, The Real Deal has become the most involved and credible source of information specific

to New York’s real estate development and brokerage industries. It has given me a much clearer picture of

the industry as a whole and is a fantastic source for agents to keep their clients and customers in the know.”

— Bruno Ricciotti, principal at Bond